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Buses, Trains & Planes Dry Ice Cleaning

In the seamless operation of transportation vehicles such as buses, trains, and planes, proper maintenance of systems and technology is absolutely essential.

What normally could take hours can be done in minutes.

Cleaning while hot – Less down-time
In-situ cleaning – Less down-time
100% Clean – Less rejects
Environmentally friendly – No chemicals
Reduces labor cost – safe to use – No secondary waste

With a high investment cost of each tire making mold, a long life is a must. Dry ice blasting has for the last 30 years been the preferred cleaning methods for tire molds because it is fast, efficient, dry and absolutely without any damage to the valuable mold.

The impact speed and expansion of CO2 on impact makes it possible to clean the important vent holes in molds.

Cleaning electrical control panels, air-conditioning/heating systems, seats, and other components with dry ice provides numerous advantages, including

  • Reducing Risk

    It helps reduce the risk of shortcuts and breakdowns in the systems.

  • Component Protection

    Minimizes the risk of damage to critical components during cleaning.

  • Electrical Control Systems

    Effective cleaning of electrical control systems.

  • Pre-Inspection

    Provides a quick pre-cleaning option before inspections.

  • HVAC Systems

    Cleaning of air conditioning and heating systems.

  • Suspension Components

    Cleaning of springs and shock absorbers.

  • Brakes and Undercarriage

    Ensures clean and well-maintained brakes and undercarriage.

  • Air Quality

    Improves air quality inside transportation vehicles like trains, buses, and airplanes.

  • Fire Safety

    Cleaning exhaust hoods and fans to reduce the risk of fires, particularly in kitchens or food service areas.

Overall, dry ice cleaning contributes to the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of transportation systems while enhancing passenger comfort and safety.

Outstanding Industries

We provide detailed insight into the benefit of cleaning with dry ice for the many industries
where dry ice is the preferred cleaning method.

Tire Molds

Shoe mold

Bakeries & Food

Plastic injection

Mold remediation


Buses, Trains & Planes

Welding cells and robot cleaning

Fire restoration