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Mould Redemiation using Dry Ice

In situ on site cleaning without having to remove the molds. Cleaning when hot is an advantage to the cleaning with dry ice.

Quick return of equipment back into production. No need to cool down and reheat.

Common causes and habitats for mold growth encompass floods, leaks, plumbing issues, high humidity levels, and inadequate cleaning. With the increase in allergies, the prevalence of fungal infections, and the potential for contamination, mold has become a risk in production facilities, restaurant kitchens, and product and food storage facilities. Addressing these concerns through effective mold remediation is crucial.

Dry Ice Blasting offers a comprehensive solution by not only eliminating existing mold but also removing the matter that can promote future mold growth. This is achieved through dry ice blasting at freezing temperatures as low as -78ºC.

The restoration of contaminated materials is particularly successful in various industries, including residential building, construction, and processing plants. It not only saves time and money but also eliminates the need for disassembly, thereby reducing secondary waste cleanup. This approach focuses on restoring materials rather than replacing them, offering significant cost and resource-saving benefits.

The advantages of Dry Ice Blasting are evident, and they include:

  • Efficiency

    Job completion is 60% to 80% faster.

  • Safety

    It provides a safer, cleaner, and easier cleaning method.

  • Precision

    Offers superior detail cleaning, even in tight spots and around obstructions.

  • Comprehensive Mold Removal

    Ensures complete removal of mold from tight angles, trusses, joists, and corners.

  • Gentle on Structures

    Enables cleaning around wiring and plumbing without causing damage.

  • Mold Spore Removal

    Thoroughly eliminates mold spores.

  • Easy Cleanup

    Leaves minimal waste for disposal.

  • Dry and Contaminant-Free

    Surfaces are left completely dry, free from contaminants, and structurally intact.

Outstanding Industries

We provide detailed insight into the benefit of cleaning with dry ice for the many industries
where dry ice is the preferred cleaning method.

Tire Molds

Shoe mold

Bakeries & Food

Plastic injection

Mold remediation


Buses, Trains & Planes

Welding cells and robot cleaning

Fire restoration