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Shoe Mold Cleaning

Preserving the longevity of molds is a paramount concern for all manufacturers. By utilizing dry ice blasting for routine shoe mold cleaning, it ensures optimal asset management and, in turn, reduces capital expenditures.

What normally could take hours can be done in minutes.

  • Cleaning while hot – Less down-time
  • In-situ cleaning – Less down-time
  • 100% Clean – Less rejects
  • Environmentally friendly – No chemicals
  • Reduces labor cost – safe to use – No secondary waste

With a high investment cost of each tire making mold, a long life is a must. Dry ice blasting has for the last 30 years been the preferred cleaning methods for tire molds because it is fast, efficient, dry and absolutely without any damage to the valuable mold.

The impact speed and expansion of CO2 on impact makes it possible to clean the important vent holes in molds.

Dry Ice Blasting Serves Many Benefits

Molds for all types of shoes or boots necessitate immaculate cleaning to guarantee the highest levels of quality in both performance and appearance.

Dry ice blasting offers a dry and dust-free cleaning solution, all without the need to remove the mold from the production line.

A gentle and non-abrasive removal of deposits from the mold ensures its extended lifespan, thereby reducing the capital expenditure associated with acquiring new process equipment.

The reduction in the use of chemicals or other potentially harmful processes can be substituted with the environmentally friendly dry ice blasting solution.

Outstanding Industries

We provide detailed insight into the benefit of cleaning with dry ice for the many industries
where dry ice is the preferred cleaning method.

Tire Molds

Shoe mold

Bakeries & Food

Plastic injection

Mold remediation


Buses, Trains & Planes

Welding cells and robot cleaning

Fire restoration