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The removal of spots with zinc ashes is accomplished in a matter of seconds without causing any damage to the surface. The convenience of mobile units that can be utilized at multiple locations, where standard compressed air connections are available, enhances the efficiency of the process. Moreover, the use of dry ice blasting ensures a superior finish and quality without the need for water or chemicals.

When it comes to the removal of zinc ash from hot-dip galvanization, dry ice blasting offers several key advantages:

  • Labor Cost Reduction

    Done in minutes.

  • Aftertreatment Improvement

    It helps mitigate aftertreatment issues associated with zinc ash.

  • Tool-Friendly

    The process avoids scratching or damaging surfaces with tools, ensuring a gentle yet effective removal.

Dry ice blasting presents a completely dry and non-damaging cleaning process with several benefits, including

  • Efficient Ash Removal

    Swiftly removes zinc ashes and other unwanted particles.

  • Hot Surface Cleaning

    Capable of cleaning surfaces while they are hot.

  • No Water Spillage

    Eliminates the risk of water spillage in the production area.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    Facilitates a quick turnaround for operations.

  • Minimal Air Supply

    Achieves excellent results with only a minimal air supply.

Outstanding Industries

We provide detailed insight into the benefit of cleaning with dry ice for the many industries
where dry ice is the preferred cleaning method.

Tire Molds

Shoe mold

Bakeries & Food

Plastic injection

Mold remediation


Buses, Trains & Planes

Welding cells and robot cleaning

Fire restoration